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In 2016 I set out to change the landscape of carbon foil masts. I was very clear from the onset: Project Cedrus was to be 30% lighter with greater stiffness and strength than any other mast on the market, or I had failed. Now in 2022, in the last few months alone, every major brand has come out with a carbon mast that is “stiffer, lighter, and stronger,” which also happens to be a blatant copy of my previous website. But I’m not into marketing, I’m an engineer. So now that the carbon mast landscape has changed, it’s time to do the same for aluminum.
A priori mat alu en 19mm. Devis à 620 dollars FDP inclus pour mat en 80cm / strong plate et adaptater Takuma. Reste les frais de douane en plus. SI c'est qualitatif c'est pas forcement excessif

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